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Come and join us @ our special event nights!!! We already have a wide range of events running throughout the all week, and we will keep you updated for any other special night coming up! Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates, offers and special invites to our events and parties, and watch out for our latest news!

We host a number of fantastic theme evenings throughout the week, giving you an opportunity to sample culinary delights from our restaurants, prepared by our talented staff.

Our food nights are built to offer you special dining treats, from our Sunday brunch which includes unlimited “Sfizi & Pizza” and Prosecco, to our special “Burrata night”, when all our special will be prepare using only our home made mozzarella, burrata & ricotta.

Drinking, dining and spectacular shows go hand in hand at our venues in London. Ignite your senses with live music and special DJ set during our special nights, where the food on your plate isn't the only delectable experience.

Madeinitaly offers an exciting array of live entertainment throughout the week, always showcasing great bands and extraordinary Dj set giving you smashing nights and first choice entertainment.

Madeinitaly has something different happening almost every night!!!

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